Bruner Cup

EWGA Fairfield's 2017 Bruner Cup Final Results

Final Results  2017 Bruner Cup

Sorenstam Fight Points Lopez Flight Points
Veronica Vawter 86 Joann DeBlasis 88
Mary Ellen Patzuk 54 Martha Johnson 78
Linda Taglimonte 50 Barbara Budnick 62
Jackie Bucca 38 Jennifer Park 32
Doreen Wade 26 Starr Conti 29
Kim Kingston 18 Ellen Frey 18
Jennifer Polla 16 Trish Lind 16
Jayne Beattie 16 Christine Lathuras 14
Carol Devito 16 Karen Smyth 14
Christy Machan 14 Rhea Adler 12
Andrea Anthony 12
Katie KC Gausepohl 12
Marianne Elliott 10
Cathy Porter 10
Eileen Mossa 9
Patty Davis 6
Rita Skog 5


The Bruner Cup is a season-long competition in which players accumulate points based on different competion formats played during the Travel Tour and Golf Events. At the end of the season, the winners of each flight will be crowned The Bruner Cup Champion.

In addition to honoring one of our founding members, Linda Bruner, The Bruner Cup will expose participants to various competition formats, growing their experience and confidence for participating in golf competitions, both within the EWGA as well as at their local club.

Bruner Cup

  • Bruner Cup is similar to a club Championship.  Points are awarded from each of the golf events played,

    even 9-hole events.  These are the special events you sign up for; it does not include league play.  The

    points are earned based on your net score for each event.  All you need is a valid handicap.  There are 3

    flights based on May 2 handicap revision.


  • Sorenstam Flight – for handicaps (at first event) < 26

    Lopez Flight – for handicaps (at first event) >= 26

    Bubba Flight – for Men (must be a member)


  • You must keep your score for every hole to be eligible.  So if you are competing in a game specific for

    that event please keep your own score and finish each hole.  Equitable stroke score should be used.

    Another rule we are changing this year is that 2 events during the season will not count.  This will allow

    you to miss an event or two and still be in the running.  If you do not miss any events we will drop your 2

    lowest scores.

  • Points will be awarded according to the following scheme:

    • 1st - 22 points, 2nd - 18 points, 3rd - 16 points, 4th - 14 points, 5th - 12 points, 6th - 10 points, 7th - 9 points, ... each decreasing by 1 point

    • Points standings will be published throughout the season.